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Thanks for visiting my website! I’m Mary Ellen Phipps, MPH, RDN, LD, a Houston-based registered dietitian and the founder of Milk & Honey Nutrition. As a person living with Type 1 Diabetes, I know firsthand the impact food has on how we think, feel, act and move. I strive to make food easy and fun again for people living with or caring for someone with chronic conditions. I use both my professional expertise and personal experience to reduce stress and fear around food, and help people find joy in the kitchen again.

I am a contributing writer, recipe developer and content expert for several leading health and wellness organizations and prominent publications. Check out some of my past work (below) to see how we can work together to promote your brand.  I’d love to start a conversation and learn more about your brand!

TV & Print Media

I appear regularly on Houston-area TV stations and am frequently quoted in both online and print publications.

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About My Books

The Easy Diabetes Cookbook is packed full of delicious recipes to help readers balance blood sugars and manage their diabetes using fat, fiber, and protein. It takes the stress out of preparing food.

Publication date: January 26, 2021

The Easy Diabetes Desserts Cookbook is full of delicious recipes to help you manage your diabetes, balance blood sugars, and enjoy delicious yummy treats!

Publication date: June 7, 2022

My Key Services

Mary Ellen Phipps Spokesperson on Houston Life


Everyday I use my professional expertise and personal story to communicate science-based information. Whether it’s social media, television, online writing, or podcast interviews, I convey key information about my client’s products/foods to various audiences across the globe. I engage audiences by sharing my personal story as an example of science-based information and communicate nutrition facts in a clear and concise way. As your brand spokesperson, your product will be represented effectively and accurately to large audiences.

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Product promotion

As a registered dietitian, I recommend the best-of-the-best in products, foods, and kitchen tools to my audience. Given my personal and professional background, I highlight how products can fit into a ow glycemic, blood sugar friendly eating pattern. I am uniquely equipped to educate both my own and your audience. Not only do I have the professional skills as a dietitian with expertise in diabetes and metabolic conditions, but I also live everyday with type 1 diabetes (since I was 5 years old). I can communicate product information, develop new recipes, or highlight positive features about your product.

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Recipe Development

I love creating new recipes in the kitchen, and finding both traditional and non-traditional uses for popular products. Visit my Recipes page for a sample of some of my favorite custom recipes!

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MilkandHoneyNutrition.com is a resource for people looking to find joy in the kitchen while dealing with a chronic health condition themselves or for a family member. Explore the other content on the site for healthy inspiration!

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