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There are so many helpful diabetes tools that exist to make living with diabetes easier!

Diabetes tools include everything from medical devices like blood sugar meters and insulin pumps, to helpful websites (like this one!), to meal planning tools! And, odds are, if there’s an area of your diabetes life that you are struggling with, there’s something out there to help you! The best person to talk to about the best diabetes tools for you is the diabetes educator at your doctor’s office.

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Glucose Monitors

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Blood glucose monitors have certainly evolved over the last 30-40 years. We’ve gone from meters that were as big as a brick and took a full 5 minutes to test your blood sugar, to computer chips that can give us realtime blood sugar information. Knowing blood sugar levels is essential to properly managing diabetes and potentially preventing long term complications. 

And along with these blood sugar meters, there are now a whole host of diabetes tools like web-based platforms and phone apps to help you analyze and interpret your blood sugar readings from day to day.

Insulin 101

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Insulin is a hormone produced by the pancreas to lower blood glucose levels. If you or a loved one is living with diabetes, they are either experiencing an insulin deficiency (type 1 or type 2) or an insulin inefficiency (type 2). When managing diabetes, some people may need to use an external source of insulin to manage blood sugars. Health care providers may utilize many different types of insulin based on the patient’s needs.

Your healthcare provider will help determine if you need an outside source of insulin and if so, which type(s) of insulin is right for you.

Preparing for Traveling or Emergencies

Traveling with diabetes can be overwhelming! One of the best strategies for managing diabetes well is staying consistent in your daily routine… but when you’re traveling, life is anything but consistent. Traveling with diabetes doesn’t have to be scary though. Talk with your doctor and other healthcare providers for recommendations and tips before traveling, and check out some of the resources below.

Similar to traveling, but not by choice, is the experience of going through an emergency or natural disaster. A diabetes disaster preparedness kit is essential for anyone living with diabetes. 

Other Diabetes Tools and Websites

The diabetes information doesn’t stop here! If you’re looking for continued support on your diabetes journey from other health professionals, here are other diabetes websites with information you can trust:

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