Freezer Snacks

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Ready or not, it’s back to school season! And even if you don’t have kids, the start of Fall seems to bring on new routines for almost everyone. Whether you’re looking for easy after school snacks, or a quick nutrient dense option to grab pre or post workout, Freezer Snacks is your go-to resource for prepping quality, nutritious snacks at home.

Imagine having over 200 snacks ready to go! (218 to be exact!) No worrying about too much sugar, too much salt, and unnecessary preservatives. Each recipe contains specific instructions to prep, freeze, and serve the best tasting snacks you and your family has ever had.

Included in Freezer Snacks:

  • 16 of the best delicious and nutritious snack recipes from
  • General healthy snack tips
  • Preparation tips
  • Freezing instructions
  • Serving instructions
  • Substitution options
  • How to make your own flour blends
  • Comprehensive grocery list
  • Recommended tools
  • Snack staples lists

After working your way through Freezer Snacks, you’ll have 16 different snack options, over 200 servings… all made by you. So you’ll know they’re made with quality ingredients. You’ll be set for months to come!!

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