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7-Day Diabetes Meal Plan PDF

With this 7-day meal plan tailored for two people, every meal is carefully crafted to provide the right balance of carbohydrates, protein, and healthy fats. 

College and diabetes ebook

Your Guide to College & Diabetes

This resource will go over tips and tricks to navigate college with diabetes and prepare well for this new chapter.

college diabetes checklist for dorm

Diabetes College Dorm Packing Checklist

Moving to college is exciting! But it can feel overwhelming, especially if you have diabetes. Here’s a checklist to help you be as prepared as

Traveling with Diabetes Checklist

Use this checklist to help you prepare for your next trip. Includes food recommendations, blood sugar supplies, paperwork, and general supplies.

costco shopping list dietitian

Costco Grocery Shopping List by Aisle

This dietitian-approved, blood sugar balancing Costco grocery list is complete with my favorite selections, aisle by aisle. I’ve been living with diabetes for 30 years

diabetes emergency kit checklist

Diabetes Emergency Kit Checklist

Print out this simple diabetes emergency checklist and laminate it. Then go through the list 1-2x a year with a dry erase marker to be

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