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Healthy Easter Basket Ideas that are Low Sugar

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This post was sponsored by Sprouts Farmers Market.

All thoughts and ideas are my own.

healthy easter basket in kitchen

Let’s make a fun and festive low sugar healthy Easter basket with some of my favorite grocery store finds!

It seems like we just got finished with all of that Valentine’s Day candy, but yet here comes all the Easter treats now! These healthy Easter basket ideas are delicious and also low in sugar!

easter eggs with chapstick and made good granola bar

Healthy non-candy Easter basket ideas for kids

Making a healthy Easter basket for your kids (or an adult) doesn’t have to hard and it certainly doesn’t have to be boring! And, there’s so many different types of food that you can include that aren’t candy:

  1. Low sugar breakfast cereals
  2. Granola bars
  3. Fun oatmeal cups
  4. Protein bars
  5. Crackers
  6. Plantain chips
healthy east basket ideas with easter eggs

What to put in easter baskets for adults

So, another great idea for a healthy Easter basket for an older child or a friend or loved one is to do a self-care themed basket! You can do things like candles, soaps, bath bombs, hair accessories, a loofa, lip balm, hand sanitizer and more!

easter basket on kitchen counter

The best sugar free Easter candy

But, if you do decide you want to include some lower sugar or sugar free Easter candy, some of my favorites are:

  1. JoJo’s Chocolate Bites
  2. Lily’s Chocolate Bars
  3. Smart Sweets Gummies
  4. ChocZero Chocolate Bark
  5. Chocolove Chocolate Bars

Fun Easter basket filler ideas you can grab at the grocery store

And, my favorite part about all of these ideas is I can get everything I need on my weekly  shopping trips at Sprouts Farmers Market. As you can see, Easter baskets don’t have to be all about high sugar treats or candy! From the body care department, to the produce section, to the snack aisle, Sprouts has all your healthy Easter basket needs covered!

adult healthy easter basket ideas

Homemade healthy Easter treats

Finally, if you do want to throw in a few homemade treats, make sure to check out these recipes too:

hand with green nail polish holding oatmeal protein balls

Links to everything I used for these healthy homemade easter baskets


Low Sugar or No Sugar Added Candy


Body Care and Spa Day

healthy easter baskets with sprouts farmers market paper bag

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