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FNCE 2022: Top Tips for Attendees

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fnce 2022 tips
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I’m headed to FNCE 2022 later this week and I’m giving you all my tips from attending in the past.

This will be my seventh FNCE to attend, and after two years off from Covid, I’m so excited to be heading back! FNCE 2022 will be filled with fun, learning, networking, seeing friends, and so much more!

What is FNCE?

If you’re not a dietitian, you may be reading this and thinking, what in the world is FNCE? 

FNCE is the annual conference for registered dietitians put on by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. FNCE stands for “Food & Nutrition Conference & Expo.” 

Thousands of dietitians come from all over the country to network, earn CEUs, learn, and more.

Where will FNCE 2022 be?

FNCE 2022 is happening in Orlando, FL. And yes, I’ll be taking a detour for a day or two to experience Disney World kid-free 🙂

I’ve attended FNCE in years past in:

The host cities never disappoint!

FNCE 2022 Orlando highlights

While in Orlando, I’m excited to see colleagues and friends who I haven’t seen in many years thanks to Covid travel restrictions. I also plan to venture over to Disney World, try some amazing restaurants, and pack in as much time at the Expo and sessions as I can!

And, I’ll be hanging out at the GoodMeasure booth (booth #850) on Monday, October 10th, so please come say hi!

fnce 2022 tips

Top tips for attending FNCE 2022

Whether you’ve been to FNCE before or this is your first time, here’s 7 tips I’ve learned over the years.

  1. Remember all the different reasons for attending FNCE 2022
  2. Dress appropriately
  3. Hydrate, caffeinate, and eat well
  4. Plan out your CEUs and adjust your learning plan
  5. Don’t forget about session replays
  6. Allow plenty of time to experience the expo hall
  7. Prioritize the booths you want to see

Remember all the different reasons for attending FNCE 2022

It can be easy to get caught up in one central focus while at FNCE, but remember there’s many different reasons to attend and goals you can accomplish. 

  • Networking
  • Research updates
  • CEUs (Continuing Education Units)
  • Product innovation updates
  • …and more!

Remember to craft a schedule and plan for yourself that accounts for all of these things.

Dress appropriately

While FNCE is not a super formal conference (in my experience), it does warrant dressing in a business professional or business casual manner. And wear comfortable shoes that you’re ok walking and standing in all day long. If you’re not used to it, this is probably not the time to bust out those super tall heels!

Hydrate, caffeinate, and eat well

FNCE typically means long days and less than stellar sleep. (I don’t sleep well in hotels.) So, it’s important to stay hydrated throughout the day, allow yourself appropriate amounts of caffeine, and don’t skip meals! It can be tempting to stock up on free samples at the expo and call that a meal, but trust me, you’ll regret it in the long run!

Plan out your CEUs and adjust your learning plan accordingly

If one of your main priorities for attending FNCE 2022 is to earn CEUs, make sure to plan out which sessions you’re going to ahead of time. You can download the FNCE app and even drop sessions right onto your calendar.

Also, don’t forget to select sessions that meet the needs of your current Learning Plan, or adjust your Learning Plan ahead of time if needed. 

And, once the conference is over, make sure to log those credits!

Don’t forget about session replays

If there’s certain sessions you want to attend but aren’t able to, you can usually view replays afterwards for a certain period of time. 

Allow plenty of time to experience the Expo hall

The expo hall can be really overwhelming. Hundreds of exhibitors and vendors highlighting the latest in products and technology. If you intend to go through the whole thing, you’ll need to allow several hours to walk through and typically on multiple days. You can view the FNCE 2022 Expo Hall hours on their site. 

Prioritize the booths you want to see

If you look at your schedule and realize you don’t have enough time to walk through the entire Expo Hall, take a look at the registered vendors ahead of time and make note of who you want to visit. 

Make sure to come by the GoodMeasure booth (booth #850) and grab some delicious blood sugar friendly bars! I’ll be hanging out at their booth on Monday, October 10th, so make sure to come say hi!

fnce 2022 good measure booth

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