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Mary Ellen Phipps, MPH, RDN, LD

Mary Ellen Phipps, MPH, RDN, LD, the founder of Milk & Honey Nutrition, is a diabetes dietitian (Registered Dietitian Nutritionist) renowned for combining her knowledge of diabetes and culinary expertise into easy-to-follow recipes and articles!

19 Top Choices for Low Carb Pasta and Noodles

low carb pasta options for diabetes

Tasty, blood sugar friendly, low carb pasta can be hard to find but there are lots of great options out there!

I’ve lived with diabetes for over 30 years and have tried some truly awful low carb or blood sugar friendly pasta options. But, I’ve also found some of the best low carb pasta and noodle options that are both blood sugar-friendly and delicious!

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What to look for in low carb pasta for diabetes

Below, I’m going to show you some of my favorite lower carb pasta brands but I also want you to feel confident in choosing your own favorites. So, let’s discuss what we want to look for. 

Ideally, when comparing options to traditional pasta, we’re searching for one or more of the following…

  • Lower amounts of carbohydrate
  • More fiber
  • More protein

And, most importantly, you enjoy eating it! 

Popular low carb pasta brands

Some of the more common popular low carb or more blood sugar friendly brands include:

Are rice noodles low carb?

Most rice noodle options are not low carb and often lack protein and fiber. But, if you enjoy eating them, you can absolutely still have them! I recommend pairing them with a fiber or protein source. For example, serve them with your favorite non-starchy veggies, and meat or tofu.

Is brown rice pasta low in carbs?

Even though brown rice pasta may have slightly more fiber than rice noodles, they’re often still a pretty high glycemic food and can be difficult to navigate with diabetes. But again, if you enjoy eating them, you definitely can still enjoy them when you have diabetes. As I said above, just pair them with other fat, fiber, and protein sources.

Is gluten free pasta low carb?

Some gluten free pastas are more blood sugar friendly and/or low carb, and some are not. Rice based pastas (as discussed above) can be trickier to navigate for those with diabetes or looking to balance blood sugars.

Ideally they should be served with protein and fiber rich foods. Pastas made from low glycemic foods like beans, lentils, and/or almond flour can be a great blood sugar friendly low carb pasta option if you enjoy eating them.

Do you have to eat low carb noodles and pasta?

Definitely not. We can always enjoy traditional pasta and simply pair it with other fat, fiber, and protein rich foods. But, if you can find a low carb pasta, higher fiber noodle, etc. option that you enjoy eating, it can make balancing your blood sugars after the meal a bit easier. 

If you don’t find an option below that you enjoy, stick to wheat based pasta (or another preference) and try some of these strategies:

top low carb pasta options for diabetes

Top high protein, high fiber, or low carb pasta options

  1. Banza chickpea pasta
  2. Explore cuisine edamame noodles
  3. Explore cuisine black bean noodles
  4. Barilla Chickpea Spaghetti
  5. Tolerant chickpea pasta
  6. Chickapea chickpea and lentil pasta
  7. Barilla red lentil rotini
  8. Impastable pasta shells
  9. Liviva Shirataki penne pasta with oat fiber
  10. Cappello’s almond flour pasta
  11. Carba nada egg fettuccine
  12. Palmini hearts of palm angel hair pasta
  13. Taste of Asia angel hair konjac noodles
  14. Nasoya pasta zero Shirataki spaghetti 
  15. Kelp Noodles
  16. Miracle noodles
  17. Cybele’s free to eat superfood white pasta
  18. Cybele’s free to eat superfood green pasta
  19. Solely spaghetti squash pasta

Categories for low carb pasta and noodles

These top 19 choices are broken down into the following categories:

Best low carb pasta options

There are so many higher fiber, higher protein, and/or low carb pasta options on the market. While there’s no way to cover all of them, below you’ll find some of my top picks.

Bean based pasta options

Bean based pasta has about 30% less carbohydrate typically compared to traditional pasta. And is also higher in protein (by quite a lot usually) and fiber. These are some of my favorite options:

bean based low carb pasta

Low carb pasta shells

impastable low carb pasta shells

Low carb gluten free pasta

ne pasta with oat fiber

High protein low carb pasta

Your best option for higher protein and lower carbohydrate pasta is going to be some of the bean based pasta options we mentioned above. While they do still have about 30g carbohydrate/serving, they also have a good deal more protein.

Best low carb noodles options

Whether you’re making soup, ramen, spaghetti or another noodle-based dish, below you’ll find some great blood sugar friendly pasta options.

Almond flour noodles

cappello's low carb pasta almond flour noodles

Low carb egg noodles

carba nada egg fettuccine low carb pasta

Low carb ramen noodles

Ramen is traditionally made with a wheat-based noodle. Since most ramen dishes include protein and fiber sources, ramen can be a great blood sugar friendly option for many people. If you’re looking for a lower carb noodle though, some people prefer to use shirataki noodles or some of the other options I’ve listed below.

low carb ramen noodle options

Low carb macaroni and noodles made from vegetables

Many pasta manufacturers have started to make vegetable based noodles over the last several years as another lower carbohydrate option.

low carb pasta made from vegetables

Low carb pasta recipes

Once you’ve discovered what your favorite higher protein, or low carb pasta option is, try them in one of these delicious recipes!

chickpea lingunie in white bowl for truffle mushroom pasta

Want more blood sugar friendly pasta recipes? Check out my first cookbook: The Easy Diabetes Cookbook!

how to order the easy diabetes cookbook
The Easy Diabetes Cookbook

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  1. Just out of curiosity is there a reason why I do excellent with whole wheat pasta and not so good with chickpea or red lentil? They have me only doing a one hour and my meals are controlled with diet and exercise. I just find it odd.

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