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Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookies

I am definitely an advocate for indulging occasionally (OCCASIONALLY being the key word there) and who doesn’t love a good gluten free chocolate chip cookie every once and a while? This is another winning recipe from the Namaste Foods website using their Gluten Free Perfect Flour Blend. These are delicious and fluffy and absolutely divine… But remember, everything in moderation.

Dietitian Approved Tip:
Make up a batch of cookie dough, but don’t make more than 2 cookies at a time to prevent you from overeating. Actually having to wait the 15+ minutes it takes to whip up a few will prevent you from eating them too often. Store leftover dough in plastic wrap or airtight container in the freezer (because if you’re like me and its sitting in your refrigerator, you’ll totally be tempted to eat the dough straight from the container ) If frozen properly, dough should last up to 3 months

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