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DIY Holiday gifts in a jar: Protein balls and energy bites

DIY Holiday gifts in a jar: Protein balls and energy bites

You’ve probably already heard that no-bake protein balls & energy bites are the cool new “cookies” that Santa’s Elves are rolling. So when it comes to DIY gifting, if you’re like me and love the idea, but sometimes miss the mark a tad (think: pinterest fail, lol), these DIY Christmas Jars are a simple and foolproof way to avoid the land of misfit gifts. Plus, they’re delicious & healthy, so whether it’s a hostess gift or a teacher gift, or any other type of gift for that matter, these DIY mason jars are perfect! 

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Cold pumpkin recipes for warmer weather

Cold Pumpkin Recipes For Warmer Weather

It’s the middle of September, the kids are back in school, and while fall is supposed to be just around the corner, if you live in the South like I do, you won’t be seeing those fall-like temperatures anytime soon. So, if you’re also like me and want to enjoy all thing pumpkin this time of year, keep reading for tons of cold pumpkin recipes for warmer weather.

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5 After School Snacks that Won’t Ruin Dinner

5 After School Snack Ideas that Won’t Ruin Dinner

It’s the middle of August, and kids have already started heading back to school in certain parts of the country. (My oldest started yesterday!) The first day of school can bring a flood of emotions and potentially stress, but it also brings a return to some semblance of “normalcy” for a lot of families… though, I don’t think anything’s ever quite “normal” when it comes to life with kids, but anyways…

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10 Low Sugar Lunchbox Staples

Ready or not, school is just around the corner! Hard to believe right?! Do you know what you’re going to pack for your kids for lunch on that first day? Ya, I don’t either, it’s ok. But, one thing I do know is that loading my kids up with sugar at lunchtime is a sure fire way to make sure they’re exhausted and unable to focus in the afternoon. So, here are my Top 10 Low Sugar Lunchbox Staples:

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